The Baron Story

Domain Name Pioneer

Jeff Baron, Internet Pioneer.



Jeff Baron is an Internet pioneer who, at the age of 32, invented a technology in the early days of the Internet to make it easier to register Internet domain names.  Jeff quickly became successful.  His business was profitable and made money.  

But today, Jeff Baron does not even own the shirt on his back.  Tens of millions of dollars have disappeared due to the actions of two federal judges and a small army of unscrupulous Texas attorneys.

Jeff Baron was born in Detroit Michigan in 1967 and moved to Dallas in 1980.  He went to Pearce High School in a Dallas suburb, and he still lives in Dallas, although he is keeping a low profile due to death threats he received from lawyers and officers of the court.

Following graduation from The University of Texas summa cum laude, Jeff Baron went to work for Smith Breeden Associates where he was a well-respected analyst.  He later worked for the Mary Kay Corporation in several positions.  Then he went off to start his own business in 1999.

A well-Orchestrated Plan

How Have the Lawyers Been Able to Label Jeff "Vexatious Litigant"?

It is important to understand that the sole motivation behind the persecution of Jeff is money. One must realize that numerous lawyers have all cooperated together to achieve the same goal--to take Jeff’s assets and use them to pay themselves.  To achieve the goal, the lawyers developed a well-orchestrated, long-term plan.  In fact, all of Jeff’s seized assets have been used to pay the same lawyers who put Jeff in the receivership (over $4 million)--100%.  Not a penny has been used to pay alleged creditors.  

The premise of this elaborate plan was to seize all Jeff’s assets to enrich themselves.  With the help of the Judges and their court liaisons, the plan was created.  

Who is Gerrit Pronske?

Ethical Lawyers where are they

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